Especially the part where you don't give up either unless you get something valuable in return.

For that reason, we build our fee structures around delivering value to clients with transparent and easy-to-understand billing practices. We typically charge clients based on either:

1. a fixed fee; or

2. an hourly-rate with a cap on fees

Some cases can only be handled on the traditional billable hour. If so, then we will discuss this at the outset and during our retainer. Where appropriate or possible, we also offer contingency fee arrangements, either alone or together with a fixed or hourly fee.

Whatever the fee arrangement, we keep the client apprised through regular billing and candid discussions about the state of the matter. When we provide estimates, we do everything possible to honour those estimates.

For anything other than a routine matter, we charge an initial consultation fee in recognition of value of our time and what our clients receive from our first meeting.

Following a consultation, we encourage the client to give serious thought to retaining us. We want clients who trust our judgment and are enthusiastic about allowing us to assist them in their matters. Accepting a retainer with anything less is bad business - for us and the client

Your time and money are important to us